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Strategy driven website development

Our focus is on your business and what you need to succeed. The process starts with an initial scoping meeting where we interview you to discover what makes your business tick. We start with your business’s products and services, and dive deep to discover your points of difference, what problems you’re experiencing, your short and long term goals, and areas for improvement.

The scoping meeting shows us where you’re at now and where you need to be. This allows us to create a staged plan to get you there. Your website proposal will provide you clarity on your purpose, what value the project will provide you, and outline how you will know that it is successful.

Needs based recommendations

Your website needs to be a great fit for you. This means you won’t be pushed to accept something that you’re not ready for, and you won’t be expected to take on more than you can handle.

Many of our clients use a staged approach to maximize return on investment now and allow for greater flexibility in the future.

Everything we do is a great foundation to build on for future growth. When you introduce a new product range or change your direction in the future, your website will adapt with you.

Customer focused builds

Understanding your target audience and what they need is vital for determining what your website needs to do. We excel at designing simple and intuitive interfaces that get your customers the info they want fast!

Forget those annoying questions you are sick of answering time and time again. Your customers will teach themselves what they need to know as your site will be designed from the ground up to make sure the most important information is seen first.

Connecting with you is a snap with a combination of ‘click to call’ phone numbers, enquiry forms and strategically placed calls to action. Once they’ve gotten in touch, we leave it up to your amazing sales team to reel them in and make the sale.

Inclusive of training and support

We know that it’s scary to use new systems. That’s why we work closely with you to get you confident and competent in record time.

Our one on one training sessions are interactive and super practical, putting you in the driver’s seat and emphasizing actual tasks you will perform on an ongoing basis. We build your self-help skills and provide simple homework tasks that allow you to build your proficiency back at work.

We also offer phone and email support for 3 months with most builds. We have yet to find someone who can’t learn these skills.

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